• 1989

    Zenel Hoxha, together with a group of 32 Geodetic Engineers, founded the first Non-Government Organisation, as a test to challenge the State Control.
  • 1990

    supported the Student Movement of December 1990, providing the vital inspiration and support that the movement needed to avoid fading down into just ‘movement for better student living conditions’. Hoxha gains recognition by the students for his selfless act of joining the front line of the student demonstration, ending up being arrested. He heavily contributed to the foundation of the first opposition party the Democratic Party of Albania and was one of the 15 first Board Founding Members, which lead the Albanian revolution. He was the first leader of the Tirana branch of the Democratic Party, registering record numbers of some 60% of the voters as members of the party. Tirana is the most important political district for any party
  • 1992

    Hoxha resigned his political post recognising that the party was already slipping off its program and was had taken hostage by ex-communists with the interest of riding the change, in order to save their privileges
  • 1993

    A year later in 1993, while running his successful business, the National Chamber of Commerce elected Zenel, initially, to the post of General Secretary and within a couple of months as Executive Director. He was trusted with an important job to design and implement changes steering the chamber effectively into the open market. Hoxha restructured the chamber from a government policy promoting and implementing institution into an independent, market research and business support institution open to all businesses without prejudice of age, background or religion.
  • 1994

    In 1994 Zenel Hoxha escaped a physical and political assassination by the Democratic Party, now in power, which considered Zenel’s progress as an obstacle to them. During which time, Democratic Party in power, took Albania to the brink of the civil war.
  • 1994

    He found refuge in London UK for seven years. In London, Hoxha followed various studies in Language, Politics and Economy. He fiercely spoke his mind in various interviews requested by international channels such as BBC and CNN among others, on Albanian unrest and the real political and economic issues leading to it. He also motivated the Albanian community in UK to take a more active role.
  • 1999

    Hoxha primed the first Kosovo Crises Committee which lobbied in support of Kosovo’s Human Rights and Independence. The Committee also provided financial support for Albanians from Kosovo during the 1999 war
  • 2001

    Returned to Albania