believe very much in the importance of Europe to the rest of the world. I also think that Europe has both to recognise the interdependence and unique heritage characteristics of each European state. For this reason, I believe the integration of each nation plays an important role in Europe’s self-awareness and self-conciseness.

Zenel Hoxha

"Honorary Consul for the Republic of South Africa in Albania"


Zenel Hoxha, yet again in line with his international vision to bringing together nations and communities, "because there is more uniting us than divides us", he has been appointed as the Honorary Consul for the Republic of South Africa in Albania.
Hoxha accepted the title with great honour. He has always admired South Africa and seen great similarities between the history of their struggle for freedom of speech for all South Africans and the Albanians long struggle for freedom. Both countries have rich natural resources and their people are outspoken and hardworking with great hospitality.